Monday, February 4, 2008

Devil's Bridge Vista

18 x 24 oil on stretched canvas.

Another painting from the show. Some type of a juniper species that I am not familiar with. I took a quick peek in some Audobon books that I had laying around and could not find it. Oh well, it caught my attention anyway.

I have a bit of fun painting these scenes where the lighting in indirect and diffused. This was on the back side of a mountaing that was in shadow. The light that was pouring out into the valley was filtered. It makes everything soft and subtle. It also warms up the already red soil and shadows. I thought that made for some fairly interesting contrasts of warm and cool. Got much tighter than I had planned. Fussed with the lighting to the point of overworking it.

I met Mick McGinty at the show for the first time. I find it very cool to chat F2F after meeting on the web. Another fellow painter from my home state. He commented on how much different my work looked in life vs. a photo. It pretty much solidifies the line of thought that it is imperitive to work from life. A camera only records what it sees. Our eyes are so much more sensitive. That dovetails nicely with the old addage, "Don't just paint what you SEE, paint what YOU see."


Frank A. said...


..finally got a chance to sit back and really enjoy your blog.
Beautiful work...and the guy builds furniture to match ! : )
Without going overboard about selections,I really got off on your older pieces, the ones where you where "catfishing". But,that is just me being me. Love that "stuff".
Nice to hear of your exhibition as well.
Glad I got the chance to spend time here..will be back.

Take care.

les lull said...

Thanks for poppin by Frank. I have always admired your work. I have been locked into studio work as of late with the show. I am looking forward to getting out and doing some more plein air work, (while catfishing.)

My finger has almost healed completely, might be time to make something out of wood again.