Saturday, April 19, 2008

Studies, Studies, Studies

One of the commitments I made this year was to spend more time doing studies. More plein air, still life, and life drawings. Some real week points in my work is overdetailing, too many sharp edges, not enough variety in shapes color and values.

Here are some recent explorations.

Sterling Picture Window

One of the subject matters that created alot of interest in the Celebration show were the old trucks. This one had an old broken out winshield that frame the distant mountains quite nicely. I enjoyed the overstated contrast between the purple in the rusted body playing off the blooming brittlebush.
18 x 24 oil on alkyd primed canvas. Click on image for larger view.

Swimmin with the Poppies

9 X 12 oil on primed board. For a larger view, click on image.

This year is supposed to be about exploring new territory and getting out of some ruts that I have created. I guess a floral is a good way to start that process. This is my first floral and I had a good bit of fun with it. I really enyoyed the opportunity for artistic license with the color. It was really obvious that the objective with this was to give the color something to read against. I believe it is Payne that said, "A color needs its compliment in order to exist."