Saturday, March 31, 2007

I have been picking some complicated stuff to paint recently, well at least for me. I find that careful draftmanship and careful attention to values are indispensible to it reading right. This is a little 16 x 20 of a favorite playspot outside of Sedona. This is the start of the natural waterslide.

Grand Canyon

I took a recent trip to the Grand Canyon which produced alot of material for future paintings. It had been almost ten years since my last visit to the canyon and I had forgotten the magnificence of that place. We drove along the south rim and spent some time walking to Bright Angel. After another night in Flagstaff we drove back through Sendoa via Slide Rock.

After sorting through all of the photos from the trip, I managed to paint a few of the scenes. I have been trying to pay close attention to value and edges. The canyon photos proved to be some great material for studying the veils of atmosphere.

There has been a change in how I paint and arrange the composition after taking the recent workshop with Ray Roberts. I am alot more consciuous of making a painting and planning the contrast in color and light. I have what feels like a long way to go before I start accomplishing what I want the paint to do.

Here are the latest works from that trip.