Sunday, February 24, 2008

Autumn Gold

This is a larger painting done during the week. The larger size was definately a challenge with all of the interruptions that keep happening when your are painting in a public space. This was a scene that had an overcast sky that made everything warmer. It presented alot of opportunities for orchestrating compliments. Tried to push the variety as much as possible to keep interest in the larger format. Another reminder of why it is important to work from life as the camera change the values in the light and dark areas.
30 x 40 oil on alkyd primed canvas.


Frank A. said...

...30"x40", that is impressive. I really like the distance you created in this piece, Les.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Les,
I think this one is a total handle these trees with such confidence and your background work always works well in these tree scenes. You always get those yellows just right too.

Now that your big show is over you can get back into the swing of studio work and some serious painting. I've never been in a show that I had to be there painting but I still feel not totally connected to my work in the studio when a show is going on somewhere with my work in it. I'm always a little relieved when they end so I can really concentrate.
When I had the restaraunt show I would paint but would be waiting for the phone to ring or thinking about what frame didn't look right there and should I change it or do I need to go up and drop off some business cards etc...always on my mind. I've learned to enjoy the calm and work like a dog during a slow spell in between shows.

Well, looking forward to seeing more great work out of you in 2008.
Take care Les,