Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blooming Aspens

For a larger view, please click on image.

18 x 24 oil on stretched canvas.

Another studio piece from a photo taken this fall. I liked the effect of the overcast lighting and how it softens the acidity of the yellow in the turned leaves. Not a real obvious compostion. I wanted to use variety to create the interest in this painting. I am still contemplating how successful it is.

Comments and crits always welcomed and appreciated.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dry Creek Juniper

18 X 24 oil on stretched canvas.
I needed to do something a little smaller and less ambitious after the last piece I finished. I was fascinated by all of the reflected light in this piece. There is still a bit of doubt on whether or not this needs a bit more massaging.
Comments and Crit always welcomed and appreciated.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Autumn Meadow

For a larger image please click on photo.

I had an itch to scratch with painting a larger piece. I have an upcoming show in January and was a bit lacking in larger paintings. This is not a huge piece, but large for my standards. This is a 30" X 40" canvas.

For no paricular reason, I haven't painted anything larger than 24" X 36". I have to admit I have been a little intimidated by a larger format because it has a way of magnifying what I don't know about painting yet. Issues in a smaller painting become glaringly obviuous in a large painting. Christensen said usgly is one thing, but big and ugly is a whole different deal. I was a little nervous coming off of a recent failure of a painting, but decided to push forward anyway.

I have gone back to this meadow for several years in a row to see the fall colors. I had a particular motief in mind on the visit this year. I wanted to use the aspens as a screen or a frame for the distant mountain. I have had this image in that back of my mind and wanted to get some good reference for the scene I had in mind. The lighting wasn't real cooperative but managed to piece together something I believe I am happy with. As always I learned some more by doing a larger piece that should enhance my plein air and smaller studio work. It is always amazing to me how these three approches strengthen the painting process.

Comments and Crits always welcome and appreciated.