Thursday, July 5, 2007

Teton Christensen Workshop

Well here are some of the attempts from the Christensen workshop. I am not going to post the really bad frisbees. I had a day so bad that I took the canvas off the easel and sailed it across the canyon.

Scott is an excellent teacher and this was definately painting bootcamp. He encouraged us to just get infomation and not try for finished paintings. He also wanted us to keep our studies to 20 minutes to keep from noodling them too much. I was out of my element with the amount of green that there was in front of me. He said that Sargeant said that if you can paint green, you can paint any thing. He also reminded us that red is the most underused modifier of green.

I have a couple that I was happy with, most of them were not what I would call a success. I plan on posting my notes and some of his demos, but this will have to do for now.

Paint the Parks - Top 100

I have been out of town to attend a workshop in the Tetons with Scott Christensen, so there hasn't been alot of activity here. I got a chance to see some beautiful country and came home with my head buzzing with info. I plan on posting some of my notes and demos that Scott did at the workshop. It has been a mad rush since I got home with a holiday in the middle of arriving home. Yesterday it hit 116 degrees and today it got to 114. What a welcome home. I miss the Tetons.

I was surfing Wet Canvas today and saw that Michael Johnson had recieved a phone call from Paint America regarding his entry in the mini 50. Curiosity had the better of me and I immediately thought that I simply did not get in. My phone fell into the swimming pool and has been out of commision. I still had functional voice mail, so I called voice mail and there was a message to call Ashley at Paint America. My heart jumped into my throat as I dialed the number and come to find out, both of the pieces that I submitted were accepted in the top 100. I guess a trip to Topeka will be in the near future to attend the event.