Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I have been tagged. My initial response was "not going to do it, feel too much like a chain letter." Upon further thought, I decided it could be a fun thing.

I was tagged by Bart who has been a faithful poster on my blog. He describes my work as "wonderful warm paintings, carefully made." Hey, hey I am trying to loosen up. Famous last word of every painter that has ever viewed Schmid's lovely loose work.


If I share them they are no longer secrets. How about little known facts that anyone who doesn't know me wouldn't know.

1. In my second year of painting, I had work purchased from me for a Museum's permanent collection. (Tooting my own horn there.)

2. I have not had any mood altering chemicals in my body for over 18 years.

3. I enjoy meditation as a way to connect with my creative path and work out being stuck.

4. I grew up in Sturgis, South Dakota. The ever infamous Bike Rally in the heart of the Black Hills.

5. I dedicate a minimum of 4 hour a day to painting and studying art. It usually exceeds that.

6. I am going to study with Scott Christensen in June. I love his work and this is a goal that I am really jazzed about.

7. I have a book that I am writing but not making a lot of progress on.

Well that is done. Hopefully everyone is still awake.

Part two - tag 7 other bloggers.

Here are my seven bloggers.

1. Michael Chelsey Johnson-A fellow plein air painter that I had the privilege of meeting at a Ray Roberts workshop. His work has alot of air and is worth a look.

2. Danny Griego - another plein air painter, figure painter that does amazing work and is very dedicated to his craft.

3. William K. Moore - A very prolific artist that has a blog that is a very interesting read about Bogata.

4. Frank Edwards - Another Plein air painter whose work has a terrific amount of life and expression.

5. Michael Pieczonka - A Wetcanvas patron with a wonderful painterly style.

6. Mick McGinty - A daily painter that is from my home state that does incredible work that I would like to get to know.

7. Karin Juricik - Another daily painter that does incredible little scene that are full of stories.

All right there are my seven secrets and seven bloggers and I am still alive.


Susan Borgas said...

Les I for one am glad Bart tagged you as I now have found your blog and know I will be following your work from now on. cheers!

Bart said...

Thanks for joining Les, yes.. I recognise your initial feeling :-)

your "secret" nr.1 is amazing, what a promising start!
Secret nr. 6 is not bad either (and nr. 7 does make me curious).

I know Mick McGinty's blog and his stunning paintings, going to check the others.

les lull said...

Thanks for popping in Susan. I have checked out the sites in this tag chain and have found some cool places to frequent. Your site being one of them. New friends, not a bad deal. ;)

les lull said...

Thanks for tagging me Bart. Once I got past the chain letter feeling, I had fun with it. I think the stars were aligned for the museum purchase. Pretty much stumbled into that one. I have been looking forward to studying with Scott Christensen since I first registered. 10 days in the Tetons with Scott and almost a month before I leave.

Number 7 is a book called care and feeding of the mind dealing with the power of belief. I have been enthralled with the subconscious for over a decade. Not an easy book to write.

René said...

Aaah, not only have you been tagged, your gonna get linked as well, .... if you don't mind?

thanks for the comment btw.

2. I have not had any mood altering chemicals in my body for over 18 years.

Could this be true, while painting with oils? Remembering Vincent v. Gogh how nuts he went by painting with oils. ;-P

les lull said...

It would be an honor to have a link included on your blog Rene'.

Yeah it might be a stretch about no mood altering chemicals. Small studio with alot of turps in the air.....hmmmmmm.........

Michael Chesley Johnson, PSA said...

Tag! :)

Keep up the great work, Les!

Bart said...

Nice to see that this tagging thing turned out well.

Still curious about the book, sounds interesting, especially in combination with the (landscape)painting you do.

les lull said...

Thanks Michael for stopping by and throwing a comment up on the board.

les lull said...

I think life is going to have to slow down a bit before I can get back to writing again Bart.