Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Fallen Prairie Ash

Needed something to loosen up with after doing some fairly tight pieces. Not sure what attracted me to this half destroyed ash tree. I liked the play of reflected light in the fallen trunks and it gave me an excuse to paint something that I could just stroke out and just enjoy smearing paint.

For a larger image, click on the picture.

Thanks for looking.

16 x 20 on stretched canvas.


Jennifer McChristian said...

Hi Les,

I happen to love 'tree’ portraits...I could see why you were taken with this subject - the gnarly, twisting trunks and textures of the prairie ash would stop me in my tracks as well.
I like the way you suggested detail in a loose manner with vibrant color notes and lively brush strokes.

les lull said...

Thanks Jennifer! It is nice to hear someone likes the tree portraits. Thanks for the kind words. I seem to find the passion expressed when I paint trees.

Thanks for checking back.