Friday, May 11, 2007

Mogollon Juniper

Another tree portrait.......I find that when I work in series I am able to build on my past discoveries. I like the way the light was bouncing all over the place in this juniper. The photo of the painting is alot warmer than the original, even though this piece leans toward the warm side. Sometime I think a warm pallett is appropriate to capture the feeling of the day, and needless to say this was a warm one.

18 x 24 on stretched canvas


Robin Weiss said...

Hey Less! hit your blog from Jennifers.
this is an amazing painting. Good brushwork, excellent comp.and drafting with the warm reflected light on the trunks makes for a winner.

les lull said...

Thanks Robin. It is a bit tighter than I have been working of late. I try to respond to how I think the piece should be painted instead of forcing them to look all the same. Might be a mistake?

Ryan Evans said...

This is the favourite for me, that tree has great character and interesting shapes



les lull said...

Thanks Ryan. I felt like this painting got a little overworked an contrived.

Chelsa said...

This is great info to know.