Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tahoe Blue

Tommorrow is my wedding anniversary and it will be two years. I only mention that because this is a picture that I took on our honeymoon.

I use to sell swimming pools and they had a color of pebble tec called Tahoe Blue. The theory behind it was that it would make your pool water a certain color. When I got a glimpse of Lake Tahoe, I understood why someone would use the color of this lake as a reference point for a desirable color of water. The swimming pools were a far cry from the color of water that I saw but I knew why it would be used to promote the product. I was absolutely awestruck with the beauty of this lake.

I have had this photo in a folder of pictures I would eventually like to paint. I avoided it because it far exceeded my ability. I finally got the guts to attempt it and those rocks underneath the surface of the water close to shore were as difficult as I imagined they would be.
For a larger image, please click on photo.


Robin Weiss said...

Looks like a challenge Les but you did a great job. The rocks read perfectly like round rocks under a flat plane of water and the perspective of the dock adds a dramatic dynamic to the painting

les lull said...

Hey Robin. Thanks for popping in. I left that area with the rocks toward the end of the painting. It was pretty wild to witness the change in perspective when they were suggested.

The Epiphany Artist said...

OMG those rocks under the water are so gorgeous!.

les lull said...

Thanks for the comments about the underwater rocks. Those were a challenge to pull off.