Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Autumn Road

For a larger image please click on photo. 18 X 24 oil on stretched canvas.

Not sure if this one is completely done or not. If it looked as bad on the canvas as the photo does, it would be a repaint for sure.

I have been itching to get this one off of the easel to get started on a larger autumn piece. At least it seems big for me. A 30 X 40. I have the tumbnails complete and the canvas is prepped with an oil primer. I also picked up some new oils today and am anxious to give them a shot. I played with them a bit on the finish of this piece and really like the pigment load and the creaminess of the paint. The brand is Fragonard and from first appearance it acts alot like Vasari, but a whole lot less in cost.

I tried to keep this from getting too acidic. I worked on balancing the yellows with violet grey mixes. If nothing else, a good warm up for the next piece.


Jennifer McChristian said...

Ahhhh.....reminds me of autumn Sunday drives in Montreal....
Thank you for the fond memory :)

Linda Blondheim said...

Les, The paintings are really looking good on your blog. Well done.

les lull said...

Thanks Jennifer. I am pleased that this shook a memory loose for you.

les lull said...

Thanks Linda. I appreciate the visit and comment on my blog.