Monday, August 27, 2007

Last Light Targhee Glacial Runoff

Finally finished this one or at least I believe it is done. Anyway it is at that point where I set it aside digest it and look for gremlins. This was almost an impossible piece to photgraph. The original has so much more that is able to be seen in the way of shadows. The original has shadows that seem to breathe, and in the the photo they look almost black. One of the mistake that is easy to make when working from a photo.

This scene was littered with fallen trees over the stream. I wanted to capture the feeling of that without painting in every limb.

Two quotes that I had in my mind while painting this one are as follows. They are both from Carlson.

"Reserve is strength; Overstatement is weakness. No one cares to hear the singer's topmost notes when the voice is nigh unto breaking. The art of conservation is strength, and makes a masterpiece a masterpiece. Otherwise, the man who simply bought all the different colors obtainable, and squeezed them out upon the canvas to give it full force, would be the greatest master, instead of being merely extravagant."

"We must not train our eyes to copy tone for tone, but think of the bearing of such colors and harmonies up the main idea of our picture. BEARING- to support or to hold or to remain firm under such a load."

For a larger view, click on picture. Comments and Crits welcomed and appreciated.


Michael Chesley Johnson, PSA said...

Gorgeous! Love the colour.

Robin Weiss said...

Great painting! and great quotes by John Carlson.

les lull said...

Thanks Michael. Appreciate the comments about the color.

les lull said...

Hey Robin! Thanks for popping by. Another Carlson fan.