Thursday, August 16, 2007

Crawdad Creek

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This is a little backlit scene from just outside of Payson Arizona. Crawdad Creek is not the name of the creek, but I could not for the life of me remember the name of it. There were kids catching crawdad by the bucket full out of this little creek. The backlighting and blues of the hillside in the distance thought this would translate on canvas.18 x 24 oil on stretched canvas


William R. Moore said...

This is one fine painting. IMO, you are really putting it all together. I think that I can see some Scott Christensen influences here, but I also think you have made it your own. I am happy to see that the shadows on your rocks are not opaque and are much more transparent and you are able to see into those spaces and especially those underneath shadows, they breath. Good variation in your foliage. A nice not to obvious S curve composition with excellent atmosphere. Enter this in a big show!!!

mick mcginty said...

Great piece Les!
Thanks for the comment on Superstition Gold.
Hey, we're going to be staying in Chandler for the winter..from November to February. I would like to look you up and pick your brain on Christensen's ideas...and your own. Looks and sounds like you had a lot of fun at his workshop. That Plein air thing is the true monster, but if you have the ambition, I'll like to try it with you this winter. Let me know.


Stefan Nuetzel said...

Did you paint this one in the same way like the previous? It is also a beauty.

les lull said...


I am always interested in a painting buddy. Bring a small pick for my brain. LOL Plein Air can be an intimidating beast. I think you can make piece with it though. Call me or Email me when you get to town.

les lull said...

Thanks Stefan.

yes I did use some glazes. I only use them in specific areas. I am still experimenting with this. I find it is another way to push one across the finish line.

jurffy said...

ah beautiful picture.

les lull said...

Thanks Jurffy!