Thursday, July 5, 2007

Paint the Parks - Top 100

I have been out of town to attend a workshop in the Tetons with Scott Christensen, so there hasn't been alot of activity here. I got a chance to see some beautiful country and came home with my head buzzing with info. I plan on posting some of my notes and demos that Scott did at the workshop. It has been a mad rush since I got home with a holiday in the middle of arriving home. Yesterday it hit 116 degrees and today it got to 114. What a welcome home. I miss the Tetons.

I was surfing Wet Canvas today and saw that Michael Johnson had recieved a phone call from Paint America regarding his entry in the mini 50. Curiosity had the better of me and I immediately thought that I simply did not get in. My phone fell into the swimming pool and has been out of commision. I still had functional voice mail, so I called voice mail and there was a message to call Ashley at Paint America. My heart jumped into my throat as I dialed the number and come to find out, both of the pieces that I submitted were accepted in the top 100. I guess a trip to Topeka will be in the near future to attend the event.


William R. Moore said...

Have been checking your blog and WC for about a week for any news of your workshop experience.
Congratulations on having your very fine paintings accepted.
It is nice to see your study and efforts being rewarded. Looking forward to more about your experience.

Bart said...

Congratulations Les!

Looking forward to hear (even) more about the Christensen workshop!

Michael Chesley Johnson, PSA said...

Hey, congratulations on the two pieces accepted into the Top 100! That's great. I hope you win the Grand Prize! (And that's a funny story about your phone...I'll remember to keep mine away from the pool, should I ever have one.)

les lull said...

Thanks William. I have stacks of notes and sketches and photos. It is going to take a bit of time to put it together in a manner that does the workshop justice. Thanks for your patience.

les lull said...

Hey Bart. good to hear from you. I promise I will get my notes together.

les lull said...

Thanks Michael. I looked this am and found that they had posted the winners and the Grand Prize winners as well. I don't feel bad about not winning when I see that they overlooked Scott Burdicks pieces in both categories. I feel really lucky to just make it in when I see the caliber of artist that entered this one.

Cell phones don't seem to like water?

Jean Levert Hood said...

Les, that is completely wonderful about your acceptance into Arts for the Parks. And, not one, but two! Congratulations, well deserved. Being accepted is such a huge honor, those top 100 spots are pretty special!

Brendy Vaughn said...

What beautiful work - I can see why they were accepted. The lighting on the canyons is magnificent.

Anonymous said...

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