Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Garden Angel

16 x 20 oil on alkyd primed canvas.

A couple of weekends ago I spent some time at the Serra Retreat center in Malibu, CA. The gardens were spectacular and they had a great collection of stone and concreted sculptures. A friend of mine studied at the Waterstreet Atelier in New York with Jacob Collins and had sketchbooks full of studies they did of Stone sculpture. The studies were of just a foot, a bust or a hand. The school uses the curriculum of Charles Barque to establish good structure. I was fascinated with the approach and made a mental note that I would give it a try if the opportunity presented itself.

One of my favorite songs is Calling all Angels by Jane Siberry and KD Lang. When I can across this little statue, something inside me connected to it and I decided this was the one to give the Barque approach a shot on. I had a good time painting it and felt quite challenged to get the values and reflected light correct.

This is the working drawing that I used to get familiar with the structure and a general value plan. It would have been easy to get carried away at this stage and take the sketch allot further.

Last but not least, the location where I found the subject. The light was amazing and created some interesting opportunities for study.


Ruth Ann Greenberg said...


Interesting piece- a little trompe l'oeil perhaps? I like your blog and have seen your postings on wet canvas-nice landscapes as well.

Ruth Ann Greenberg
Bethesda, Md.

Ryan Evans said...

Hey nice painting Les

I'm hooked on painting from sculpture at he moment. Classical lines are really bold and simple. Painting from a sculpture also clears your mind of skin tones and lets you experiment

Robin Weiss said...

I like that song too Les! Nice drawing and painting!

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Hi, Les - I really like the work you're doing these days! It's very strong. - Michael from Scottsdale