Friday, December 14, 2007

Celebration of Fine Art

The clock is ticking away and time is rapidly evaporating until the show. For anyone interested in checking out the venue, the website is . I just got off the phone with the frame manufacturer and they are shipping the order on Monday. What a pile of work this is. Anyone that has an opinion on how easy artist have it, has not tried to make a living at it.

I just finished an installation piece to accompany the painting they used to promote my booth on the website.


The painting is of a tree that was found on my dad's ranch in South Dakota.

I thought it only appropriate to make a hall table to display cards and brochures that was made from the same kind of wood as in the painting. I chose the inspiration for the table from Gustav Stickley, the godfather of the arts and crafts movement. He disigned and built furniture that celebrated the beauty of the wood in a simple but functional design. He typically used quarter sawn oak for his pieces, but I figured the same idea would apply for what I was hoping for.

The following pictures I have included in this post are of the table in the various stages of construction including the final dry fit.


Robin Weiss said...

WOW! Both the table and the painting are awesome Les! You got skills man!

Good luck with the show and have a great Christmas!

les lull said...

Thanks Robin! I am pleased that you appreciate the craftsmanship in the table. I thought it paid homage to the painting well. Thanks for the visit and the comment.

I appreciate the well wishes on the show.