Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Targhee Meadow

For a larger image, click on photo.

On my vacation this last summer, My wife and I drove up to the Targhee Ski Resort. The sky at that elevation, The stark white of the aspens and the groomed meadows seemed to scream paint me.

I am working on being conscious of having an objective when I paint. The objectives that I was working on in this piece were to keep the influence of the blue of the sky dominant over the local color. Unequal distribution of shapes, sizes and color. Orchestrate variety with a temperature shift instead of a value shift. In the forefront of my mind, where do I want the viewer to go in the painting.


Anonymous said...

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Mike said...

This one's a beaut, Les!

You are coming up with nice work. I like the goals you set for yourself: a sure way to get even better!

Keep up the great work!

Joe Kazimierczyk said...

Really stunning, Les!
I love how took such a simple subject and gave it so much impact.